Meet Bunky

IMG_6339Bunky Huron is the pseudonym a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, New York.

Bunky’s story began when she found herself stranded in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 31, 2004, having uprooted herself from Brooklyn in pursuit of love. She kept her job, but had to reinvent her life in a city of granola, sandals, and athletic gear. Oh, and the love thing didn’t work out. It continued to not work out across a crumbling road of rock and sand that kept her lost in the high desert detours for seven years.

She knew she’d one day return eastward to the city that never hikes, but before she could make that step, she relocated to Fort Worth, Texas in July 2012 to be with her mother in her final year. At first she was pleased that if indeed everything was bigger in Texas, there was plenty of room for giant personalities like her own. But as she looks back now, she knows that she moved to Texas for the greatest love of her life.

Years of planning and pining came to fruition in November 2013, when Bunky moved back to Brooklyn. She vowed to write like hell there and bring all her best Utah cheer and Texas boldness back to the five boroughs. But don’t worry, even on her cheeriest days, she’ll always lament the loss of all possible romantic interest via an extremely whiny blog.

Bunky loves single malt scotch, MotoGP, arts, literature, yoga, perambulation, bicycles, and escaping to other major metropolises for working vacations. She’ll work anywhere, she’ll live anywhere, so long as there is espresso available on the corner.

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